e-Learning Courses

Over my two years and a bit years at Esky my main roles were to produce and develop online courses for the company's portfolio. Esky's core values are to produce training thats simple and easy to use and to delivers it in an enjoyable and refreshing format.

Using characters, animation and interactive games we delivered sometimes dry but important topics like health and safety in a fun and entertaining manner.

Below are a list of the courses I made whilst at Esky. The the links take you to the course page at Esky where you can view a demo if you'd like.

Licensing - A short course outlining the law surrounding the 'Challenge 21' scheme.

Moving and Handling - A comprehensive course looking at the law regarding Manual Handling including a specialist module for care works and nurses regarding moving people.

First Aid Theory - Is a awareness guide introducing the trainee to important concepts about First Aid.

Food Safety for Manufacturing - (Currently still in Production) This course will look at the law surrounding Food Safety with a focus on those who work in Food Manufacturing.

Client: Esky e-Learning
Role: Concept / Design / Animation